My mission is to teach, guide and care for the individual, to keep the body and mind working...
for the long term


our services

Beginners classes- 1 hr - are for those wanting a slower, gentler practice, or those new to yoga. You will be introduced to basic yoga poses with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. You will be shown how to use props correctly to achieve maximum benefit. 

General classes - 1.5hr - are more dynamic, but still suitable for beginners. A wider variety of yoga poses are taught, including preparation for inversions - alternatives are always provided for newer students. 

Workshops - 2hr - are practical sessions designed to explore a particular theme to deepen your experience and understanding. 

Private one-on-one sessions - are tailored to your personal needs.  The individual attention can help you stay motivated, and work towards any goal you may have. Many people use a session or two to kickstart a home practice with sequences designed especially for you. Or maybe you would feel more comfortable familiarising yourself with yoga first, before joining the regular ongoing classes.


  • I see and listen to my clients
  • I use concise verbal instructions and physical adjustments
  • I adapt the poses to your ability

My approach

I am certified in, and teach the Iyengar tradition or method of yoga. One of the hallmarks of Iyengar yoga, is a focus on alignment and correct positioning of the body.  I do that in a number of ways –

  • I demonstrate the pose so you can see
  • I use clear, simple language to explain the position.
  • Sometimes I may physically adjust a student to gain better actions. 
  • I will teach you how to use props such as belts, bricks, chairs and the wall for both obtaining better alignment and deepening the pose. 
  • Each week the class is sequenced in a particular way for a specific outcome.

I watch the students in the class and adjust my language and explanations for maximum benefit - I can see if you need help or adjusting. I will listen to your concerns and adjust the practice to suit your needs.  I love answering questions, so don’t be shy!

The classes are themed in a monthly cycle - during the first week of the month, the focus is on standing poses. In the second week the focus is forward extensions and twists. Week three is backs - back extensions, strengtheners and/or dealing with back aches. The final week of the month is restorative, where we endeavour to relax, replenish energy and remove tension. There may also be some breathing exercises and Pranayama. A few times a year there is an extra week - during this week I take requests from the students attending the class, and we include things that we maybe don't practice that often. 

I will say the sanskrit name of the poses, as a mark of respect to the lineage of teachers before me. Most people just watch the demonstration and follow along. At the beginning of every class we lie out for a few minutes to quieten and prepare for the class, and at the end of every class we lie out for relaxation or Savasana.

Monthly workshops are run slightly differently to classes. The focus can be physical or mental, for example back-care or insomnia. Because of the longer time-frame of 2 hours we can explore that theme in more depth. Workshops are practical - doing, experiencing and learning. ­­­­